How to Use Snarkies on Fakebook™

Using a SarkyKuntz Snarkie should be easy.   All you have to do is copy the URL shown below your Snarkie of choice and paste it into a Fakebook™ post or comment.  Your Snarkie should appear in a few seconds, with a circle containing the word gif over the image, after which you click on ‘Post’ or press Enter.   The Snarkie will animate when you click on it.

Sometimes however, Fakebook™ doesn’t want to let you post an animated gif, and puts a link to the URL instead.   Which means that anyone clicking on it will be taken to the SnarkyKuntz website.   Why this happens is a secret that Fakebook™ only shares with their chums, which we, alas, don’t seem to be.   However, persistence pays off if you find this happening.   Delete the post or comment, and refresh your page, then re-paste the URL.   In the worst cases, you may need to try several times.   Sorry, we are sure this has nothing to do with Fakebook™’s commercial interests at all.